Visualizing temperature anomalies with Clojure and Oz

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Clojure is an oddball for a lisp. It is quite powerful and opinionated, it works well in the Java and Javascript ecosystem and has good tooling in emacs aka CIDER. For me I prefer other lisps for their more non-opinionated style but still Clojure is a wonderful tool and it seems to have a blossoming community that is really responsive to the modern computing environment. This is especially important since it offers a way for lispers to get their hands on things going on in the world of Java and Javascript without losing the developing expressiveness and experience of a lisp.

So, today I took part in a meeting organized by SciCloj, a group of people conspiring to make Clojure a powerful language for the scientific and data analysis fields. Christopher Small presented his work on Oz, a clojure wrapper around the powerful Vega/Vega Lite libraries.