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So in 2015 this guy called Toby Fox released a game called Undertale. It was a hit because of it’s cheesy humor and unorthodox gameplay and all the other stuff that people loved in this game. I played Undertale extensively and it was a really cool experience, so I’m really happy that there is a second installment in the series. I’m talking about Deltarune!

So I started playing the demo version released like 20 days ago and it is like Undertale but better! Read more only if you don’t care about spoilers, else go play the game and return here later!

Chacalall's trippy art

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Who is this guy? Her/His art is great, most trippy and comforting at the same time. I think times like this that, this huge soup that the wired is, gives a medium to people like her/him. Check some of his art here and then find some more at

Parable of the polygons

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Recently found this page.

It’s a gem! Vi Hart and Nicky Case are always in for some cool creative stuff!

The message is passed, check it even if you don’t fully agree with the underlying message. It’s a nice visualization of how our society gets segregated by bias.