Rediscovering vanilla Emacs' text editing

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Being a full-time Emacs user for some years now I’ve gotten accustomed to many packages offered by the community that greatly enhance Emacs’ text editing capabilities. The thing is that Emacs’ only lacks a good editor, or is that so? Here are some packages I’ve stopped using in favor of built-in functionality that I’ve discovered recently.

Using emacs-lisp in emacs keyboard macros

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Powerful text editors, like vim, emacs, atom or even microsoft’s vs code, offer ways to automate boring stuff at hand. Repetitive work isn’t really something a human enjoys but it is exactly the kind of work that computers excel in.

Retain keybindings in non-latin layouts in emacs

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Using emacs is always a journey of finding new tricks and ways to improve your work flow. You keep on customizing and customizing till you declare your emacs init file bankruptcy.

One of the things that really irritated me is emacs’ keybindings in a bilingual setting. I’m using both greek and english for quite a lot of my writings using gnome’s input system to change the layout. This made emacs keybindings unavailable if I didn’t change the layout back in english and it was quite cumbersome.

“C-σ is undefined”

was a quite common occurrence in my work flow.

How this blog works

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Hello World! After the trivialities let me share some info of how this blog is run. You can study the source in gitlab that is also used for hosting the blog.

The main infrastructure here is the hugo static site generator, org-mode for editing the posts, ox-hugo for exporting the org file in hugo-compatible markdown files and the after-dark theme for basic design on which I intend to build a more personal style.