Deploying Common Lisp to heroku

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Ok this is going to be a short post, but maybe someone finds it useful so here it goes.

For testing purpose I really like the heroku platform, you can deploy your application, test it, share it with others to test etc. Heroku has some “official” languages it supports but through the use of buildpacks you can deploy any application.

Prototyping hashtags with Common Lisp

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Common Lisp is really fun to work with. In fact emacs & slime is the best development environment that I’ve ever worked with and everytime I work on something I want to try and create it with CL.

Here I’ll try to share my experiences with how I prototyped my first working example of a simple web application.

Recently I participated in a Youth Exchange where we created some image based propaganda around gender issues. There was then the proposition to create a web application where we could share our pictures and vote between us for what should become public. Plain and simple, right?

Executables in Common Lisp

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So after completing (?) the Pleroma bot, I talked about in a previous post I wanted to create a simple executable that would be self-contained and run on any machine. If you have a Common Lisp implementation on a computer it’s trivial to run any program that is bundled in a package, just load the package and then run the appropriate entry function from the repl.

What happens if you don’t have a Lisp installed?

A Mastodon/Pleroma bot in Common Lisp

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I’ve been trying for long to get more involved with Common Lisp as I’ve felt for quite some time that it’s a language with a very nice balance of expressiveness and practicality. Together with the great experience of developing interactively with slime and the huge collection of libraries that exist I think that delving in Common Lisp will be pretty exciting.

After having read Practical Common Lisp (although not yet fully digested the knowledge) and having solved some Advent of Code challenges I thought about writing a bot for announcing my blog-posts in fediverse and specifically in After some research I found this blog-spot that gave a lot of info on achieving almost the same goal I had.