Music monday 4 - War on drugs

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There are these times when every day life seems to be so hectic. Right now between my work in the military, studying the great book “Clojure for the brave and true”, solving Advent of Code challenges as practice to my mediocre Common Lisp skills, hacking away in Rails, trying to be at least minimally physically active and studying math leaves little room for my ever growing Someday to-do list.

Music monday 3 - The Soft Boys

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So it’s not really monday but last week has been really hectic. Well in fact monday was setting orange and today is prickle-prickle so we are no so far apart from our goals!

English music is where the money’s at, I mean all the great periods of music, early psychedelia,glam rock, punk, post punk, madchester, the early 90s house/electronica, britpop and even big beat have produced some of my favorite music.

Music monday 2 - New Order

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Oh, New Order.. Since the first time I heard “Temptation” sung by Mark’s underage girlfriend in Trainspotting they have been a constant in my music tastes. The post-punk aesthetic, the dance elements and the “I’m trying so hard to not make sense” lyrics are a combination that I can’t get over, so I return and return and return listening to their music and re-discovering so many of their great tracks, every once in a while.

Music monday 1 – Galaxie 500

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I intend to do a music of the week series, every Monday I will blog about one of my current and future favorite bands/artists. I would also like to maybe create a mix-tape every now and then, a thing I really miss since my early teens. Although then I used a real cassette and not a list of digital files.. Maybe I’ll look around for a tape recorder..